06.19.2017 Release Notes (ICS Forms and Charts)

Although it’s been a few months since our last release, we pushed out a new release yesterday. This one took A LOT longer than we previously thought. Who knew that pre-populating ICS forms for pdf exports were so difficult?

First off:  PLEASE CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE.  I apologize for the caps. However, if you read nothing else, I’d like you to see that. You may not be able to log into the console application until you do.

Now, here are the major changes for this release:

ICS Forms. That’s right. We have added ICS forms to the Crisis Track product. For the Disaster Management product you will now see an ICS 204 and ICS 214 in the Incident Forms module. These auto-populate as you create tasks and as your teams perform work. Every Entry Form the teams complete will populate as a major event on the ICS 214. For those customers with the Search and Rescue product, there is now a complete set of ICS forms available.


New Charts Module. This will especially be useful for those home-rule states. There is now a charts module on the Incident Home Screen that provides you with separate disaster costs totals for each municipality set up in your account.


Admin “Lite”. We had some customers who wanted a separate admin account for payroll only. So, we added a new user role: Admin (No Payroll).  Admin can see payroll numbers and do everything an Admin could previously do. Admin (No Payroll) is just like it sounds: an admin user who cannot see any employee rates either in the admin console or the form exports.

We also made a handful of usability changes and issue fixes including:
 - Adding a search function on the Users table
 - Fixing the Picture download button
 - Attempting to force the Back Button to not log you out (in most cases)
 - Changing the Disaster Cost buttons to $1000 increments
 - Adding a total on the Public Assistance graph in Ops View

There was no mobile release on this version. But please check your devices to make sure there is no update available. 

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or need more information at support@crisistrack.com.

Best regards,


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