Adding 311 Data as Initial Damage Reports

This workflow details steps for uploading a spreadsheet of geocoded addresses/311 data into Crisis Track as initial damage reports in order to conduct assessments with Preconfigured Tasks.

Upload 311 Data into Initial Damage Reports on Console

1. On home screen, select desired incident from dropdown list of Existing Incidents

2. Select Entries -> Import

a. Upload the entries into a task by selecting “Upload into a new task” and creating a task name, or selecting an existing task from the dropdown list.

b. Select Initial Damage Report form. 

c. Download CSV template and copy 311 data into the Initial Damage Report template.

d. Upload the file.

Overlay Initial Damage Reports onto the Preconfigured Task Map

3. To overlay Initial Damage Reports onto the Preconfigured Task Map, go to the Incident home page, click Tasks →  AddPreconfigured Tasks

a. Scroll to the bottom of the Preconfigured Tasks list and select the Initial Damage Report box under References. Locations with Initial Damage Reports will now populate onto the Preconfigured Task Map Grid.

b. Select your desired grid cells with Initial Damage Reports. Selected cells will turn red. Click Add.

c. Damage Assessment Tasks will now appear for the selected grid cells that were overlaid with Initial Damage Reports. Here, you can also assign Teams to the Damage Assessment tasks by clicking Edit.

d. Select View next to a Damage Assessment Task to see entries for the assigned structures.

i. Selecting the Map tab will give you a map view of the assigned structures in the Damage Assessment task.

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