Emergency Shelter Task on Console

The concept used for documenting POD inventory can also be used to document emergency shelter activities.

1.   Emergency Shelter Personnel Login to Crisis Track Account Console via Computer Browser at: https://www.crisistrack.com/ctc2/login.jsp

2.   Select incident from Existing Incident dropdown list

3.   Select Entries Feature

4.  Select New > Evacuations

5.  Add Entry Page Appears. In form:

a.  Change Status Field to Complete

b.  Leave Task Field at Default (Greyed out Assign Task).

c.  Select Structures Radio Button 

d.  Enter Evacuee Address in Search for structure (not Address) Field

i.   Select Address from Dropdown List (User can scroll through list)

e.  Owner Information and Address Fields Self Populate (Data pulled from Crisis Track Database)

f.   Select Evacuation Status (Evacuated or Sheltered in Place)

g.  If evacuated, write down location where evacuees are being sheltered (i.e. Brandon Middle School)

h.  Enter number of adults, children, and pets evacuated in Notes Field and click Save.

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