Public Safety – Conducting Call Center Intake Task Using Task Feature on Console

1.  Call Center Personnel Login to Crisis Track Account Console via Computer Browser at

2.  Select incident from Existing Incident dropdown list

3.  Select Tasks Feature

4.  Select Add > New Task

5.  Add New Task Page Appears. In Form:

a.  Fill out Name Field with task name, (i.e. Call Center)

b.  Fill out Type Field with type of task

c.  Leave Status Field at Default (Active)

d.  Enter task description in Description Field

e.  Assign task to designated team from the dropdown list in the Assign Field

f.  Select B (Protective Measures) from the dropdown list in the Time Charge Category Field

g.  Limit forms by adding Initial Damage Report to document resident initial damage reports and EM Request forms to document requests for assistance. Click Save.

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