Conducting a Damage Assessment Task without Structures Assigned on Mobile App

1.  Damage Assessment Personnel Login to Crisis Track Account via Mobile App at:

a.  Apple Store - Crisis Track Mobile Application for IOS,

     Google Store - Crisis Track Mobile Application for Android, or

     Windows Store - Crisis Track Windows Mobile Application for Windows (must be Windows 10 device)

2.  Select the Incident for your Damage Assessment

3.  Click Collect Data 

4.  Select Team you have been assigned to

5.  Select Task you want to work on

6.  Select Start or View. If multiple devices are assigned to a team, only the Team Leader clicks Start on their device when damage assessment begins. This will log the team’s time and location as they work to track team’s labor and equipment. When the team is done with their damage assessments, the Team Leader clicks End. All other team members click View on their devices to avoid duplication of costs.

*NOTE* Addresses will not be seen because structures will not be assigned

7.  Click + button and select desired form 

8.   Click Locate button to get your location. Fill out remainder of form and include any comments in the Notes Field.

9. Click Photo button to add photos that are taken to document the damage. Click Submit and Save/Upload to upload information to Crisis Track servers, if there is mobile or WiFi connectivity. If there is no internet connectivity in the field, click Save Locally and information will be uploaded to Crisis Track servers when internet connectivity is established.

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