Adding Guest Users to an Incident

The Guest Users module allows Crisis Track users from different accounts to be granted access to specific incidents.  For example, if both County A and County B have Crisis Track, then County A can grant access to County B users. The users from County B would then be able to log in using their existing user name and password, but use guest access to collect data for County A.

Using the Guest Users module you can create a new guest user, delete a guest user, and disable/activate guest access .Only users with admin or commander roles have access to the Guest Users module.

  1. Log into the Crisis Track Console.
  2. Choose an incident next to Existing Incident and click Select.
  3. Click the Guest Users icon.

From here you can see a table of the guest users that currently exist. For each guest user you can edit its properties, change its status (Active or Disabled), or delete the guest user. You can also create new guest user. You can use the Refresh button at the top right to reload this table to see any changes made since the page was opened.

Add New Guest User

  1. Click Add in the top left, then New.
  2. Fill in the Crisis Track user name for the user that you would like to add as a Guest User.  For privacy, no search functionality is provided.

  3. Click Load.

Add a Preconfigured Guest User

Guest Users can be preconfigured in Administrative Functions so that they may be used for multiple incidents.

  1. Click Add in the top left, then Preconfigured Guest.
  2. Check the boxes of the Preconfigured Guest Users that you would like to add to this incident.
  3. Click Add.

Edit Guest User

  1. Click Edit in the row of the Guest User that you would like to edit.
  2. The Guest User's role and status can be changed.
  3. Click Save.

Change Guest User Status

Guest access can be disabled or activated for a guest user by using the Status dropdown in the table. After a guest user is disabled, the incident will no longer show up in their list of incidents.

Delete Guest User

  • Click Delete in the row of the Task that you would like to delete.
  • Confirm this Guest User should be deleted.

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