Personnel Records

Crisis Track allows you to manage the time cards of each person working on your incident. Time captured on the mobile apps for a given team can be viewed here. Using the Personnel Records module, you can view, edit, create and export personnel records.

1.     Log into the Crisis Track Console.

2.     Choose an incident next to Existing Incident and click Select.

3.    Click the Personnel Records icon. 

From here, you can see a graph of personnel times across this entire incident. Change the date settings above the graph to choose what time frame the graph shows. Blue bars represent times worked by employees. You can click on any of these bars to edit the details or delete the time card. You can use the Refresh button at the top right to reload the module to see any changes made since the page was opened.

New Personnel Record

1.     Click New in the top left.

2.     Choose the employee for whom you would like to create a time card entry by clicking Select next to their name.

3.     Fill in the start and end dates and times.

4.     The Reg/OT hours will auto-populate based on an 8-hour regular day. Only change these numbers if necessary.

5.     Choose the category of work the employee performed.

6.     The rest of the fields below will be pre-filled with the employee's normal details. Only change these numbers if necessary.

7.     Click Save.

Export Personnel Records

1.     Click the Export menu near the top left.

2.     Choose your preferred file format for exporting your data.

3.     Save the file to your system.

o   Note: You will export all personnel time card data for this incident regardless of what date range you are currently viewing. If needed, you can then filter or otherwise change the data it produces.

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