The Footprint option allows users to create and manage Areas of Concern and Resource Locations. Customers with the All Hazards Emergency Management product will also be able to create and manage Resource Locations as part of the Footprint feature.

  1. Log into the Crisis Track Console.
  2. Choose an incident next to Existing Incident and click Select.
  3. Click the Footprints icon. 

Area of Concern

You can add an Area of Concern both manually or by uploading a shapefile. To manually add a footprint, click  Add in the top left corner. Then select Area of Concern.

When the panel on the left hand side appears, enter a name for the Area of Concern and add a description. Click  Draw and select Freehand Polygon, Polygon, or Rectangle. Then draw your Area of Concern. You can change the color by clicking on the box to the right of Color.

Use AOC to Add Preconfigured Tasks

  1. Click back into your incident
  2. Select the Tasks icon
  3. Click Add then Preconfigured Tasks
  4. Expand your list of Areas of Concern and click Select to the right of the Area of Concern for your incident. This selects all of the preconfigured tasks that intersect with the Area of Concern.
  5. For the selected preconfigured tasks, assign the tasks to a team. If necessary, change the form to be used for the task.
  6. Click Add in the top left to add the preconfigured tasks to the incident.

Resource Location

All Hazard Emergency Management customers may also monitor important resources using the footprints feature.

  1. Click on the footprints icon within your incident 
  2. Click Add then Resource Location
  3. You can search for a structure in your jurisdiction, or select Geocode, then select the hand icon, then find where on the map you want to place your resource icon.
  4. Once you have selected a location, name your resource and add a description.
  5. Select the symbol that best fits your resource type, and edit the size, if necessary
  6. Click Save

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