Protective Measures Form Description


We use our standard Location Feature that allows users to use either structure data to assign the location or to manually geocode the location.  


FEMA now requires a Facility Description that includes:

  • Name/Description
  • Owner
  • Purpose
  • Primary Use
  • Private Non-Profit designation

We added a Facility Value, which will be derived from customer data or manual input using customer determined cost basis. 


FEMA’s Preliminary Damage Assessment Guide also indicates inputs on estimated (Force Account) Material and/or Contract Costs be provided with PA Damage Assessments.  

Materials Costs

Materials Costs - No Component Information Added 
Materials Information Data Inputs Visible

When a user √s “Add Material,” the required data input fields appear. 

Material Description, Material Doc #, Material Quantity, and Material Unit Cost are manually entered.

User (typically at the EOC) will also make a determination Material Source:

  • Internal Inventory
  • Mutual Aid/DFA
  • External/Vendor
  • VOAD

Additional Materials can be added by the user by √ing “Add Second (or other ordinal descriptor) Material. 

The Material Cost will automatically be calculated for each Material when added and the Total Materials Cost will automatically be calculated for materials added. 


Contract Costs and Unique Requirements are manually entered.

Total Costs will automatically calculate with the sum of Total Materials Cost + Contract Costs.


FEMA explicitly states that the Damage Assessment impact statement includes inputs on impact to community functions.  Crisis Track decided to use the community lifeline concept that FEMA introduced several years ago. Our reasoning for doing this was two-fold. Most importantly, in our deep dive into the new requirements; there were several implicit linkages to the community lifeline concept in the discussion for this requirement. 

Secondly, it provides a quick and easily trained methodology for obtaining field observations on community impact.

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