How Do I Assign Structures to a Task?

When creating a Task Area, you have the option of assigning structures, which means specifying properties that need to be assessed or need to receive follow-up for a particular task.

Structures can be assigned to a task area in one of two ways, by turning on the Structures checkbox in the left panel and selecting Assign Structures near the top left of the map.

Note: If you want to assign structures to a task that was previously created, open the Tasks module, click View next to the Task you want to update, and switch to the Map view which will bring you to the screen shown below.

Option 1 - Assign all structures located within the Task Area

You can assign all of the structures located within the task area by clicking  Use Task Area in the righthand panel. All structures located within the task area with begin flashing blue. Click Assign to save them to your task area. 

a. Assigned structures will now appear as blue icons. 

Option 2 - Assign specific structures within a task area

You can also choose a portion of the structures to assign to the task area by clicking  Select Structures in the righthand panel and choosing a selection tool to draw around the structures you would like to select. Click Assign and assigned structures will now appear as blue icons as shown above.

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