The account information we provided you is an Administrator Account for your organization. Using the Users module, you can configure users for access to your organization's account.

1.     Log into the Crisis Track Console.

2.     Next to Administrative Functions, click Select.

3.     Click the Users button

From here, you can see a table of the users that currently exist. For each user, you can edit their details, delete their profile, or reset their password. You can also create new users. You can use the Refresh button at the top right to reload this table to see any changes made since the page was opened.

Add New User

1.     Click  New in the top left.

2.     Fill in the details such as user ID, name, and initial password for this user. An email address is required for each user, and selecting the "Send email to user with login info" box will send them an automated email with their username and password. They will be required to change their password when they first log in.

o   The Admin role will grant administrative access to Crisis Track, allowing you to set up user accounts for your organization, edit incidents, edit structures, edit equipment items, and edit your employee payroll. Be sure to choose this privilege carefully.

o   The Admin (No Payroll) grants administrative access without allowing the user to see employee pay information.

o   The Commander role is a User Role with the ability to create incidents.

o   The User role will have normal access to Crisis Track. They will not be able to edit structures, equipment, employees, users or tasks.

o   The Viewer role will not be able to edit anything.

3.     Choose which employee this user represents. There can only be one user for each employee.

4.     Choose the department to which this user belongs. Learn more about departments.

5.     Click Save.

Edit User

1.     Click Edit next to the user you would like to edit.

2.     Much like creating a new user, edit the user's details.

3.     Click Save.

4.     Note: You cannot edit a user's password here. See just below for resetting a user's password.

Reset User Password

1.     Click Reset in the row of the user whose password you would like to reset.

2.     Enter a new password twice to confirm it.

3.     Click Save.

4.     Provide this new password to your user.

Delete User

1.     Click Delete in the row of the user that you would like to delete.

2.     Confirm this user should be deleted. Note: This operation cannot be reversed.

Export User List

1.     Click the Export menu near the top left.

2.     Choose Excel to export your data into the Excel file format

3.     Save the file to your system.

o   Note: The exported data will include each user’s full name, user ID, and contact information. 

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