How Do I Assign Tasks to Teams in an Incident?

Crisis Track allows you to create teams and assign tasks to them. Teams are a group of personnel and equipment assigned to tasks. Several tasks can be aside to one team. However, only one team can be assigned to a task. A Task is an activity that you assign to a team: conduct a damage assessment in a certain area, clear road closures, or complete a group of tasks. 

Using the Teams feature in the Incident module, you can assign your available tasks to your teams.

Assign Tasks to Teams

  1. Log into the Crisis Track Console.
  2. Choose an incident from the Existing Incident dropdown list and click Select.

  3. Click the Teams icon

  4. Click Edit in the row of the team you would like to assign tasks.

  5. Scroll down the "Edit Team" popup window and click Assign next to Tasks.

  6. Select the checkboxes of any tasks you would like to assign to this team.

  7. Click Save.

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