Teams consist of employees and equipment. You will assign tasks like damage assessments and road closure assessments to the teams you create. When teams log into their mobile apps, all employees and equipment on that team are automatically "clocked in." Teams can consist of employees from multiple departments.

    Creating teams here, in the administrative module, will create Preconfigured Teams, which can be used for multiple incidents. Inside of any incident, a team can be created ad hoc, or you can choose from any or all of these preconfigured teams to use. It can be helpful to keep track of common team configurations that will not likely suffer personnel fluctuations. These can then be quickly and easily added to a new incident and assigned tasks.

    Using the Teams module, you can view, edit, and delete teams.

    1.     Log into the Crisis Track Console.

    2.     On the home screen, next to Administrative Functions, click Select.

    3.     Click the Teams button

    From here, you can see a table of the teams already created. You can use the Refresh button at the top right to reload the module to see any changes made since the page was opened.

    Add New Team

    1.     Click New in the top left.

    2.     Fill in the details using the definitions below.

    • Name: Create a Name for the new team.
    • Department: Use the dropdown list to select the department to which the team belongs. 

    • Description: Describe the nature of the team using the notes section. The notes could speak to the task they will be completing or a territory, etc.

    • Employees: Add all the employees that should be assigned to this team.

    • Equipment: Add all the equipment that should be assigned to this team.

    3.     Click Save.

    Edit Team

    1.     Click Edit in the row of the team that you would like to edit.

    2.     Much like creating a new team, edit the team's details.

    3.     Click Save.

    Delete Team

    1.     Click Delete in the row of the team that you would like to delete.

    2.     Confirm this team should be deleted. Note: This operation cannot be reversed.

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