How Will I Be Notified When a Resident Self-Report is Submitted?

Crisis Track provides customers who have purchased the Disaster Management or All Hazards Emergency Management product packages with Resident Self-Reporting capabilities. The Resident Self-Report is a short web page form that allows residents to self-report and describe the extent of damage to structures. 

The form is available to all Active Incidents within your account and can be embedded on your local government website or shared via social media.

The Resident Self-Reporting feature can be enabled for your incident in one of two ways:

1. Enable Resident Self-Reporting Feature While Creating a New Incident

  1. Log into -->  Sign In
  2. On the desktop console home screen, click Create next to New Incident
    1. Fill out the Incident Name and Type (Details on creating a new incident can be found here.)     
  3. On the second screen of the Incident Wizard, select the "Enable Resident Self-Reporting" checkbox
  4. Proceed through the Incident Wizard.
  5. Click Finish.

2. Enable Resident Self-Reporting For Existing Incident

  1. Log into --> Sign In
  2. On the desktop console home screen, click Select next to Administrative Functions
  3. Select the Incidents module
  4. In the Incident table list, find the incident you would like to enable resident self-reporting and click Edit.
  5. Select the "Enable Resident Self-Reporting" checkbox. (To disable, follow steps 1-4 and uncheck the Enable Resident Self-Reporting checkbox).
  6. Click Save.

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