Employee payroll with rates that FEMA requires may be uploaded manually or by bulk using the Crisis Track console. After importing employee data, you can use the Employees module to view, edit, and delete employees.

1.     Log into the Crisis Track Console.

2.     On the home screen, next to Administrative Functions, click Select.

3.     Click the Employees icon

From here, you can see a table of the employees that have already been created. You can use the  Refresh button at the top right to reload the module to view any changes made since the page was opened.

Add New Employees

1.     Click Add, then New in the top left.

2.     Enter the various personal details for this employee, including their name, title, and pay rates.

o   Use the Benefits Calculator to calculate an individual's fringe benefit rate for labor time tracking. The FEMA 90-128 Applicant Benefits Calculation form can now be filled in using this information. 

3.     Choose the department to which this employee belongs.

4.     Click Save.

Bulk Upload Employees

1.     Click Add then Upload CSV or XLS in the top left.

2.     Select your preferred template - XLS or CSV. The template will download.

3.     Open the template and add users and their corresponding pay rates. Save the spreadsheet to your computer.

4.     Back in the Crisis Track console, click Select File and find the file you just saved. Open the file and then click Save Employees after reviewing your newly added employees.

Edit Employees

1.     You can use the search functionality or filter employees by department to find the employees you want to edit.

2.     Click Edit in the row of the employee that you would like to edit.

3.     Much like creating a new employee, edit the employee's details.

4.     Click Save.

Bulk Edit Employees

1.   Click the checkboxes next to the employees you want to edit, or click Select All to make changes to all employees at one time. 

2.    Click the Edit button at the top right of the page that now becomes available.

3.    Edit the details of the employees.

4.    Click Save.

Delete Employees

1.     Click Delete in the row of the employee that you would like to delete.

2.     Confirm this employee should be deleted. Note: This operation cannot be reversed.

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