Equipment Inventory

Equipment with FEMA cost codes may be added manually or by bulk upload using a spreadsheet. After importing, using the Equipment Inventory module, you can view, edit, and delete your equipment.

1.     Log into the Crisis Track Console.

2.     On the home screen, next to Administrative Functions, click Select.

3.     Click the Equipment Inventory button

From here, you can see a table of the equipment already in your inventory. You can use the Refresh button at the top right to reload the module to view any changes made since the page was opened.

Add New Equipment

1.     Click Add then New in the top left.

2.     1.     All values can be filled in by hand. You may wish to use the Search Cost Codes button, at the top of the form, to search through a list of current FEMA cost codes. As part of your subscription, these cost codes will remain up to date when FEMA makes changes. After choosing a FEMA cost code, the Equipment Name, Horsepower, Size/Capacity, FEMA Cost Code, Rate, and Notes will be auto-populated.

3.     Fill in the details using the definitions below.

    • Asset No.: Enter an equipment ID number for this piece of equipment. This ID will fit within whatever number conventions your jurisdiction uses.
    • Operator: Enter the name of the default operator for this piece of equipment.
    • Make: Enter the make of the piece of equipment.
    • Model: Enter the model of the piece of equipment.
    • Color: Enter the color of the piece of equipment.
    • Year: Enter the year of the piece of equipment.
    • Serial/VIN: Enter the serial number or VIN of the piece of equipment.
    • Plate: Enter the license plate number if the equipment is a vehicle.
    • Department: Choose the department to which this piece of equipment belongs.

4.     Click Save.

Bulk Upload Equipment

1.     Click Add then Upload CSV or XLS in the top left.

2.     Select which template you prefer - the CSV template or the XLS template. The template will download, then you can add your equipment in the template and save.

3.     Back in the Crisis Track console, click Select File and choose the template to which you just added your equipment.

4.     Review your newly uploaded equipment and select Save.

Edit Equipment

1.     Click Edit in the row of the piece of equipment you would like to edit.

2.     Much like creating a new piece of equipment, edit the equipment's details.

3.     Click Save.

Export Equipment Inventory

Equipment Inventory can be exported to Excel.

1.     Click the Export button near the top left.

2.     Click on the Excel button.

Delete Equipment

1.     Click Delete in the row of the piece of equipment that you would like to delete.

2.     Confirm this piece of equipment should be deleted. Note: This operation cannot be reversed.

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