How Do I View and Validate Resident Self-Reports?

Once Resident Self-Reports have been submitted, they can be viewed on a map by opening your incident on the console home screen and selecting Operations View. Resident Self-Reports are symbolized by a person icon enclosed in a red circle. 

Additionally, submitted Resident Self-Reports will appear in the " Entries Without a Task" task folder in the Tasks module. They will have to be assigned to another task so that they can be followed up by mobile app users. After creating a task for validating received Resident Self-Reports, the Resident Self-Reports can then be assigned to that validation task in two ways.

Method 1. Copy the Resident Self-Report information into a Residential form

          *This will allow you to keep a record of the initial Resident Self-Report, in addition to transferring all of the info into the Residential form.

This can be done using the following steps:

1. Open incident and select the Tasks module on the desktop console

2. Select View next to Entries without a Task

3. Select the checkboxes next to the Resident Self-Reports you want to assign for follow-up

4. In the top right corner of the screen, select Edit

5. Select Copy

6. Select " Residential" from the Form dropdown list

7. Select the task that was created to confirm resident self-reports. The Residential assessment will be assigned to this task. 

8. Click Save.

9. The entries will now appear in the validation task and can be assigned to a team.

Method 2. Change the Resident Self-Report into a Residential Damage Assessment Form

          *This will transfer all of the info from the Resident Self-Report into the Residential form and will not leave a copy of the initial resident self-report

1. Open incident and select the Tasks module on the desktop console

2. Select View next to Entries without a Task

3. Click Edit in the row of the Resident Self-Report you would like to change to a Residential damage assessment form

4. In the Form field, change the form to Residential and click Confirm

5. In the Task Field, change to your follow-up task and click Confirm

6. Change the Status to Assigned

7. Click Save.

8. The entry will now appear in your validation task and can be assigned to a team.

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