Structures Module

Your Crisis Track subscription provides you with technical support to import a GIS layer of your structure locations with tax-assessed values. The Structures module allows you to view, edit, and delete the structures in your jurisdiction.

1.     Log into the Crisis Track Console.

2.     On the home screen, next to Administrative Functions, click Select.

3.     Click the Structures icon

From here, you can see a table of the structures that currently exist. You can use the Refresh button at the top right to reload the module to view any changes made since the page was opened.

Clicking on the Map tab will show the structures on a map.

The map, for performance reasons, will group structures and label the bubble with the number of structures in the group. Any bubble with less than 500 structures can be clicked to break it into individual structures. To break bigger bubbles, you need to zoom the map in. Note: To adjust the bubble parameters, as well as other system parameters, use the Settings Module.

Add New Structure

1.     Click New in the top left.

2.     Fill in the details using the definitions below.

    • Default Form: Choose the default type of form that should be used for this structure.
    • Type: Choose the type of structure. For this value, you can use your local vocabulary like "Place of Worship" or "School."
    • Name: Enter the name of the owner of the structure.
    • Address, City, State, Zip: It may be easier to enter the structure's address by typing the address into the Search for address box just above the map. This will correct any misspelled words and formatting, and fill in the Address, City, State, and Zip boxes.
    • You may wish to use the hand button above the map to click a location on the map to produce an address. Click the garbage can button to resume dragging control on the map after clicking an address.
    • Phone: (Optional) Enter a contact number for the structure.
    • Structure Value: Enter the improved tax-assessed value for this structure.
    • Category: Choose the FEMA category into which this structure fits.
    • PIN: Enter the parcel identification number
    • Latitude, Longitude: Note: The latitude and longitude values for your structure can be entered by hand, but will be auto-populated when using the Search for address feature or click the map using the hand tool.

3.     Click Save.

Edit Structures

1.     In the table view, click Edit in the row of the structure that you would like to edit.

2.     Much like creating a new structure, edit the structure's details.

3.     Click Save.

Export Structures

Structures can be exported to Excel and Shapefiles.

1.     Click the Export button near the top left.

2.     Click on the button with the format of the export that you would like.

Delete Structures

1.     Click Delete in the row of the structure that you would like to delete.

2.     Confirm this structure should be deleted. Note: This operation cannot be reversed.

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