How Do I Draw a Task Area?

1. Log into the Crisis Track Console.

2. Choose an incident next to Existing Incident and click Select.

3. Click the Tasks icon.

4. In the Task module, click  Add then New Task in the top left corner of the screen. The Add Task window will pop up.

a. Fill in the details using the definitions below.

    • Name: Name of the Task.
    • Type: (Optional) The type of this task using your own terminology.
    • Status: This can be left at the default, which is set as Active.
    • Date: Start date of the Task.
    • Description: A description of the Task.
    • Special Instructions: Any instructions that may be helpful for the team that completes this task such as safety and coordination instructions.
    • Assign: The team to which to assign this task.
    • Time Charge Category: Choose the FEMA time charge category for the work being performed for this task.
    • Limit Forms: Allows you to specify which forms will be available for this task.  If this is left blank, then all forms will be available.

5. Click  Save. This will bring you to the task map where you can draw a task area and assign structures (both are optional).

6. To draw a task area, zoom into the desired task area and select a Draw Tool from the list.

a. Begin drawing your task area by pressing a point on the map and tracing the area. Double click to save the area. If necessary, you can edit the task area using  Edit Task Area or clear the area using Clear Task Area and redrawing. Once you're satisfied with the task area you've drawn, the task area will automatically save. 

b. You can now upload a shapefile to define Task Area boundaries.

Crisis Track also provides the option of assigning structures (properties that need to be assessed or receive follow up) to a task. If you would like to assign structures to your task, please view our article How Do I Assign Structures to a Task?

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