FEMA 90-128 Form Applicant's Benefits Calculation Worksheet

Crisis Track allows you to generate a FEMA 90-128 Applicant's Benefits Calculation Worksheet for your employees in the incident Documents module.

In order to auto-populate the Applicant's Benefits Calculation Worksheet, employee benefits information must first be added to your employee inventory. (Please note all fields in the employee inventory must be filled out in order to populate the FEMA 90-128. If a benefit field is left blank, or filled in with 0, the field will not auto-populate in the 90-128.

Individuals with Admin level privileges can view/update the employee inventory using the following steps:

1. On the home screen, select Administrative Functions ---> Employees. The Benefits column for each employee will say Filled if all benefits information for that employee has been added. If the field is blank for any employees, their benefits information will have to be updated. This can be done by clicking Edit next to an employee ---> selecting Benefits Calculator and filling out their information.

2. For any employees that are not currently in your inventory, you can add them one of two ways. (If you would like more detailed instructions, please visit the Employees article.)

a. If adding a small number of employees, they can be added individually by selecting Add in the top left corner of the screen --> New --> fill out information --> select Benefits Calculator and fill out information. Save and repeat for additional employees.

b. If you need to update a large amount of employees and have a spreadsheet of employee payroll with rates, you can bulk upload this information into your employee inventory. To do so, select Add in the top left corner of the screen --> Upload CSV or XLS

i. Scroll to the bottom of the page and download either the XLS or the CSV template. Copy and paste the information from your spreadsheet into the template you downloaded. Save new file.

ii. At the bottom of the Employee Inventory page, click Select File and upload the new file. If any employees already exist in your inventory, their information will be updated in the system. Click Save Employees. If all benefits information was filled out, the Benefits column for those employees should say Filled.

3. Once the employees have been added/updated you are ready to populate the FEMA 90-128.

4. Click Home --> Choose your incident from the Existing Incident dropdown list and click Select

5. Select Documents --> 

a.  Select Add ---> Select the FEMA 90-128 Applicant Benefits Calculation

6. At the top of the form, select an employee from the Employee dropdown list and the benefits section should populate based on their information. Fill out the remainder of the form and click Save.

7. Repeat steps 5a-6 for additional employees

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