03.29.2021 Release Notes (Crisis Track Version 4.1)

This past weekend we released version 4.1 of Crisis Track, which includes several updates to the mobile platforms. Because there's a mobile release, please make sure to update the Crisis Track application on your mobile devices. Also, if you have a new administrative point of contact for Crisis Track, please let us know.

Here's the new features in this release:

Copy Entry. You can now copy an entry on the mobile application. So if you receive, say, a Resident Self Report and want to turn it into a damage assessment, you can copy the Resident Self Report entry to a new damage assessment entry.   

Add notes to photos. We added a notes section for each photo you take on the mobile application. This will allow you to make notes on individual photos that are part of an entry.

Add NFIP flood layers and other map services to the mobile application. In our effort to improve the workflows for Substantial Damage Estimations, we now enable Esri Map Services, such as the NFIP Flood Hazards layer, to be overlaid on the maps of the mobile application. This will allow you to quickly see which structures are inside or outside the flood zone.


Performance improvements on the web console. We optimized the way we load data when logging in and when selecting an incident, which should greatly improve the load times of the web console application. Fewer wheels will spin, literally!

Workflow improvements for Employee and Equipment time records. We simplified the workflow to capture time as time records. Now, any time recorded for any force labor or equipment resource will automatically be converted into a time record for reporting.

Add year-built, square footage and other structure attributes. We expanded our database infrastructure over the winter, which will allow us to capture more building data for the 2021 data refresh processes. Where available from your tax records, we plan to add: Year Built, Square Footage, Number of Stories, and NFIP flood zone. This will help auto-populate new damage assessment data requirements for Individual Assistance, Small Business Administration declarations, and FEMA’s Substantial Damage Estimations.  

Add FEMA 9901 Administrative Costs Document.  There is a new document in the documents section for FEMA 9901 Administrative costs. This form will automatically populate using time records for your employees and equipment and estimate totals for your Direct Administrative Costs.


Lastly, we fixed various issues with other FEMA forms and chart printing including:

  • Adding a page to the FEMA 90-124
  • Wrapping text in comment boxes for the FEMA 90-128
  • Fixing the Operations View timeline to show resource times
  • Exporting blank FEMA 90-123 form
  • Added a sort to ICS 205A form
  • Fixing the printing for the Charts module

We hope to have our next release by this summer. In the meantime, please keep an eye out for our free monthly training series this spring. 

As always, if you need any help, please let us know at support@crisistrack.com

Stay safe,


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