Creating Incident Action Plans Using Crisis Track

Creating Incident Action Plans Using Crisis Track

Crisis Track's All Hazard Emergency Management Tier provides EM Tier customer's with the capability to produce complete Incident Action Plans (IAP) using FEMA's standard Incident Command System (ICS) Forms to support accomplishment of Disaster Response and Recovery Operations and provide additional documentation to support Public Assistance Disaster Assistance Grant requests.

Two common IAP forms are generated within the application (for both Disaster Management and All Hazards Emergency Management Tier customers); the ICS 204 Work Assignment Form is automatically generated for each task and an ICS 214 Unit Log is automatically generated for each team.  

The ICS 204 is created during the task setup workflow using the data entered by the User describing the task and special instructions in the task workflow.  An ICS 214 Unit Log is generated for each team and task assigned to that team.  Every entry generated by a User assigned to that team is written to the Unit Log and time stamped with the entries submission time, and key information from the entry is written to the log entry.  In addition, if operational managers assign the Unit Log Event to the task, assigned team leaders and members can make manual log entries in the Unit Log to document key decisions, deliberations, and external interactions that occur during the task.

The remaining ICS forms that make-up the Incident Action Plan for the most part have to currently be filled in by Users.  Crisis Track is in the process of updating the IAP workflows to allow users to automate the filling of those fields common to many of the IAP ICS Forms and to autofill any fields in the IAP that can be filled using data entered by users in either the console or mobile application. 

Creating the Incident Action Plan

To create an Incident Action Plan:

  1. Sign In to your Crisis Track Console at
  2. On the Home Screen; select either an Existing Incident or Create New Incident.  You will be taken to the Incident Screen
  3. On the Incident Screen, select the Documents Feature:
  4. On the Documents Screen; select Add; then scroll through the list of available documents to the ICS Forms:  Type "ICS" into the search box (or you can scroll through the list of documents to the ICS Form that you want to create). Then select the appropriate form you want to create.
  5. Save your form.  Once you have filled in the IAP form or forms you are responsible for, save your form as the base document.  The saved document will then be displayed on the documents screen and can be updated and saved again; or saved under a new document name for use as a template for your next Incident Action Plan.
  6. Document Naming Convention. To segregate your ICS Forms into cohesive Incident Action Plans that can be quickly accessed for printing and sharing, it is important to use a standard document naming convention so that each form is grouped within the correct Incident Action Plan and is easy to find for editing, sharing, or using as a template for the next Incident Action Plan.

Our recommended IAP Naming Convention is: Date Group Number (YYMMDD), Incident Name, O-Period Number (1,2,3...), ICS Form Number; so that each all forms in each Operational Period IAP are grouped together.  As a reminder, when tasks are created; you can add the ICS 204 for each task to your IAP (we have included one 204 from our sample incident as an example), simply add the Resource Identifier and/or Task Name at the end of the standard naming convention.

In a similar fashion, you can add all the Unit Logs (ICS 214's) for each team to an IAP after the Operational Period is completed; so that you have a complete documentation of what was planned and what was accomplished.

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