Managing Employee Resources

    Crisis Track allows All Hazards Emergency Management (EM) tier customers to manage the employee resources for your incident. Employee information such as name, title, team, and status can be viewed here. Using the Resources module, you can view, edit, create and export employee resource information.

    1. Log into the Crisis Track Console.

    2. Choose an incident next to Existing Incident and click Select.

    3. Click the Resources icon. 

    4. Click Employee from the list.

    From here you can see a table of the employee resources that currently exist. Using the Table/Status/Chart buttons, you can switch between the table view, the status chart view (where you can move employees to different status columns in the chart), and the time chart view. You can search for employees using the search box, or by filtering employees by status or by team. Each employee resource can be edited. You can also create new employee resources. You can use the Refresh button at the top right to reload this table to see any changes made since the page was opened.

    Changing the Status of an Employee Resource

    The status of Employee Resources can be changed in the table view or in the status view. To change the status of an employee when in the table view, go to the status column, select the status button in the row of the employee you would like to change, and select a new status from the dropdown list.

    To change the status of an employee when in the status view, switch to the Status tab, click on an employee's name card, drag the card to another status column, and confirm that you would like to change the employee's status

    Add New Employee Resource

      1. Click Add near the top left, then click Employee.

       2. Enter the employee’s first and last name.

    3. Enter employee’s title and pay rate information

    4. Select the employee’s status from the following options

    5. Select the equipment’s status from the following options:

    Demobilized: Demobilized and not available

    Requested: Requested

    Assigned-Working: Assigned to a team that is actively in use

    Assigned-Stand-by: Assigned to a team that is not currently active

    Staged-Available: Present and available to be assigned

    Staged-Not Available: Not present but available to be assigned

         6. Click Save.

    Edit Employee Resources

    1. In the table view click Edit in the row of the employee that you would like to edit.

    2. Much like creating a new employee resource, edit the employee's details.

    3. Click Save.

    Export Employee Resources

    Employee Resource status information can be exported to Excel.

    1. Click the Export button near the top left.

    2. Click Excel

    View History

    The history of an employee resource can be seen by clicking on the History button next to an employee.

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