WebEOC Integration

Crisis Track has an integration to WebEOC where entries captured in Crisis Track can be pushed into a WebEOC board.  When the interface is set up, there is a new User Interface that allows an Admin to map a Crisis Track incident with a WebEOC incident and board. Once established, the interface will automatically push entries created within the Crisis Track incident to the WebEOC board.  
To set up the integration, the information we need is as follows:
  • URL for the WebEOC api
  • WebEOC account with an administrator role, and we need:
    • User name 
    • Password
    • Position
In order for us to set this up, you need to create an Incident, a Board, and Input views for each type of form type (the schemas can be viewed here) that you want to be ingested into WebEOC.
Please note that this current implementation does not have a UI to handle WebEOC credential changes. If you update the password, then we will need to reconfigure the interface.

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