03.27.2020 COVID-19 Release Notes

Crisis Track can help you collect data, track issues and requests, track costs, and provide reports. Here are some workflows to consider:

Emergency Protective Measures Issue and Request Tracking

The EM Request form is designed to track emergency protective measures requests coming into your EOC. This form can also be used to conduct Wellness Checks within your community. As with all Crisis Track forms, the EM Request form can be accessed both from the mobile application and the web console. Here's a workflow that defines the steps to track emergency measures issues: Emergency Protective Measures Workflow.

Crisis Track has also developed a prototype form to track COVID-19 assessments, which is based on the CDC Persons Under Investigation form. If you are supporting your health department with data collection and want more information on this form, please contact us at: support@crisistrack.com.

Labor and Equipment Cost Tracking

Crisis Track can be used to track Emergency Protective Measures costs for Public Assistance cost documentation. Teams in a Crisis Track incident helps capture force labor and equipment time used for a task. These costs can then be reported using standard FEMA forms in the Incident's Documents. If you have not done so already, you can also upload load employee and equipment inventories to speed up force labor and equipment documentation.

COVID-19 Initial Assessment

Miami is planning to use a short COVID-19 Initial Assessment form to survey its population. This form will be used in their call center, door-to-door canvassing, and their walk-in assistance center.

Call Log Form

Orange County NC is working to track unmet needs of the community. They have built a call log form to capture and track unmet needs from their residents. The County is also considering turning the Crisis Track resident self-reporting web page into an unmet needs survey as well.


Tracking Cases:

The COVID-19 Assessments can now be tracked from the Crisis Track mobile app, from call centers, and from resident self-reporting web pages. Here are 3 ways to report cases:

1) COVID-19 Assessment form identifies standard COVID-19 data as defined by the Center for Disease Controls Persons Under Investigation forms.

2) COVID-19 Call Center Workflow form that helps call center workers ask questions and enter information.


2) COVID-19 Resident Self Reporting form is an abbreviated assessment web page where residents can report COVID-19 related symptoms. The page's URL can be added to a jurisdiction's web page or broadcast out on social media.


These forms have Personal Health Information attached to them. To add them, please contact support@crisistrack.com for further assistance.

Wellness Surveys:

Wellness surveys can be conducted using the EM Request forms, which is already added to your account.

Here’s a workflow on tracking emergency measures to help you get started: 

Business Continuity Survey:

We now have a business continuity web survey that can be completed by business in your community. This will help you identify those businesses that have closed or have reduced employee staffing levels. The page's URL can be added to a jurisdiction's web page or broadcast out on social media.

If you are interested in collecting business continuity information from your community, please contact support@crisistrack.com to have us set this page up for you.

These are some Crisis Track workflows for helping you manage data for the COVID-19 disaster declaration. If you need any assistance while you prepare, please feel free to contact us at support@crisistrack.com. Our support team is working remote to support you through this period.

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