11.19.2019 Release Notes (Crisis Track Version 3.3)

We just released a significant build last week, most of which focused on FEMA Public Assistance functionality and photos. Since it has a small mobile update, please make sure to update the Crisis Track mobile app to Version 3.3 in the Google Play Store or Windows store, and 3.3.2 in the Apple App store. Here’s what’s in the update:

FEMA Benefits Calculator  (DM and EM Tiers)

Calculating fringe benefit rates has always been a difficult task when applying for FEMA Public Assistance project. In our Employee Inventory, we’ve now added a FEMA Benefits calculator that helps you calculate an individual's fringe benefit rate for labor time tracking. The FEMA 90-128 Applicant Benefits Calculation form can now be filled in using this information. 


New Photos Module (DA, DM and EM Tiers)

We always had a way to download entries from a given incident. However, the export would only contain hyperlinks of the photos. So, we added a Photos Module to the Incident Home Page where you can preview and export all photos from the incident. You can even add a watermark to the photo showing a time/date stamp and address.


Incident Creation Wizard (DA, DM and EM Tiers)

We are constantly working to improve Crisis Track’s ease of use. One feature we just added is the Incident Creation Wizard. When you add a new incident, the wizard will step you through some basic steps to more quickly get you up and running. We also have a new email notification setting (Admin->Settings) where you can send email notifications when an Admin or Commander creates an incident.

Crisis Track Community Page

We have a new Community Page! With an ever increasing number of users, we created a community page to ask questions, share experiences, and promote ideas. 

Other features we added include:

  • Changing iOS GPS to update every 5 meters (used to be 20 meters)
  • Updating iOS to handle Dark Mode
  • Adding a signature field capability where entry forms can be signed using the touch screen
  • Adding a checkbox to automatically include a preconfigured Guest User to a new incident
  • Improving the performance for deleting multiple entries
  • Checking to make sure all structures are downloaded before creating tasks
  • Selecting multiple tasks when populating an ICS 204 output form
  • Adding a Public Assistance ID and FEMA DR to the Incident that populates the FEMA forms
  • Adding a bulk editing capability to Employees and Equipment inventories
  • Adding Color, Year, VIN, and Plate fields to Equipment Inventory
  • Populating the FEMA 90-123 and FEMA 90-127 forms

Please be safe this holiday season. As always, if you have any questions or need support, please reach out to us at support@crisistrack.com.


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