08.20.2019 Release Notes (Crisis Track Version 3.2.1)

This past weekend we pushed out a small release for the console, that contained new functionality and usability enhancements.  There is no need to update the mobile apps. Here’s a run down of what changed:

Structure Information within AOC. When you create an Area of Concern, Crisis Track now automatically calculates the number of structures and the total structure value inside the polygon you draw. We also tagged the Area of Concern with the author and date in case you have multiple people editing areas.


Assessment Report Web App. We’ve made available a new web app that will allow you to let residents see the damage assessment results of their homes.  The form allows residents to search by address or parcel number (your pick), then download a pdf of the damage assessment if one exists. To implement this for your residents, please contact support@crisistrack.com


County Level Entries Visible on Jurisdiction’s Maps. County-level entries were not visible for jurisdictions, which caused problems for situationally important data like road closures or Citizen Self Reports entered from the web app. Now, the jurisdiction’s Operations View will show county entries for EM Requests, Initial Damage Reports, Citizen Self Reports and Road Closures.

Faster Refresh. We changed the way the refresh buttons download data to improve performance. Now, when you click a “Refresh” button, the web console will only update data that has changed since the last update. The only exception is the Incident Home Page refresh button. This button will reload all data for the incident.

Entries missing Location Information. In certain situations entries can be entered without a location causing the entry to not show up on a map. This can happen when a mobile app does not have GPS service or when an address is typed in without using the search functions. We will now attempt to geocode the address before adding the entry.  Using the “Search by Structure” on the web console or “Locate” on the mobile app is still preferred because this will link to the structure’s tax record and populate the structure’s value in the Entry.

Other changes we made:

  • The Back Button is now fully functional!
  • Structures are now available in the Operations View.
  • You can edit shapes of task areas. Any changes will automatically be saved.
  • USNG coordinates were added to SAR forms.
  • We fixed the filter settings on Android app.
  • We removed an erroneous search button on iOS.
  • Duplicate detection is now form specific.
  • Admin (no payroll) users can now add and edit employee time.
  • We improved the console’s map extents to be more intuitive.

As always, if you have any questions or would like our team to review anything with you, please contact us at support@crisistrack.com.


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