06.10.2019 Release Notes (Crisis Track Version 3.2)

Before hurricane season begins in earnest, we decided to push a small release out with some important new disaster management functionality. There is a new mobile release. So please make sure your mobile apps are updated to Version 3.2.0.  Here's what's new: 

PA Damage Inventory Spreadsheet - FEMA added a Damage Inventory spreadsheet as part of the new Public Assistance Portal. This spreadsheet identifies all of your Public Assistance eligible site estimates from your damage assessment. In Crisis Track, the Public, Road Damage, Debris Estimation, Light/Sign and Bridge/Culvert damage forms will populate as rows on the PA Damage Inventory spreadsheet. Under Documents, you can now export this form and import it directly into the FEMA PA Portal.

Import Entries - we added an import button on the Task and Entries pages that allows you to import Entries.  If you have a .csv file that matches the format of an entries form template, you can now bulk import the file.

Guest Users - we now allow you to add Crisis Track users from other accounts to access an incident in your account. So if you are receiving mutual aid from an adjacent jurisdiction that also uses Crisis Track, you can grant their users access to into a specific incident in your account. This avoids users needing multiple Crisis Track logins.

Here’s an article on a workflow for Guest Users.

Crisis Track Knowledge Base - with the new releases the software is getting bigger. So, it was time to reorganize and update our help documentation into a searchable knowledge base. You can reach it in the Help link in the web console header. 

Other enhancements include:
- The ArcGIS Online Interface now accepts lines and polygons
- Initial Damage Report and Citizen Self Report Layers are now on all Task maps 
- There is a new Intersections button on the web console for new entries to help you identify an intersection for, say, road closures
- We added a CO Damage Assessment Cover Page as a Document for all Colorado customers

If you have any questions, issues, or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us at: support@crisistrack.com.


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