03.26.2019 Release Notes (Crisis Track Version 3.1)

We completed the release of Crisis Track 3.1 last weekend. This is considered a minor release packed with many little tweaks to existing functionality based on your feedback.  Please keep sending us your ideas! PLEASE BE SURE TO UPDATE MOBILE DEVICES TO CRISIS TRACK VERSION 3.1.0.

Let’s review what’s new.  

Entry form enhancements:
- We now allow line and polygon shapes for entry forms. This is particularly useful for defining road closures, road damage, and debris estimates.
- We updated the debris types on Debris Estimation and Load Ticket forms to match FEMA debris requirements.
- We made structure values visible on all damage assessment forms
- You are now able to upload an attachment to an entry. For instance, you can add a maintenance record to a culvert damage assessment form.

- iPhone X is now supported
- Account-level users can now access a jurisdiction's teams and tasks
- Changes to a team’s employees are now captured in the console
- Forms can capture lines and polygons on a schema-by-schema basis
- Various issues with special characters were resolved

- Perhaps the biggest noticeable change is the new Documents module (formally called "Forms"). The documents module allows you to save output documents as snapshots in time and allows you to export all saved documents in one click. Here’s a video on how it works:

- We updated all FEMA documents to the newest versions
- We added a new Search and Rescue form (EM tier only)
- We embedded a map to the ICS 201 document and updated the ICS 211 (EM tier only)

Footprint enhancements
- We updated the Footprint module to have more tools
- There is now an export function for Areas of Concern shapes
- We added a circle tool for Areas of Concern
- We added many more icons available for resource locations (EM tier only)

Chart enhancements:
- We changed the charts in the Operations View and the Charts modules to bar charts
- We added a print function on all charts

Other enhancements
- Jurisdiction admins are now allowed to create incidents
- We updated PDF report export to include a jurisdiction's logo
- We added an employee number and middle name to the Employees Table
- There is now a search feature for structure's table
- We changed the legend for Operations View and Task map views to only show schemas that have entries in the incident.
- We added some entry validation for both console and mobile
- We added groups for pre-configured Tasks
- We added department field to teams
- We added a USNG grid tool to the Ops View
- We developed an interface to WebEOC

Issues Resolved:
- We made sure that timezones are used for dates/time exports
- The Operations View map now prints with external map layers
- The Structures table now sorts correctly
- We ensured user IDs cannot have spaces at the end
- Map service transparencies are now recognized on the Ops View map
- We refined our duplicate detection to better handle null structures
- Special characters are now allowed in passwords

We'll be sending out a webcast to demonstrate some of the new features. In the meantime if you have any questions, please email us at support@crisistrack.com.

Best regards,


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