10.31.2016 Release Notes (New Task Editor)

We just launched a new task editor for Crisis Track.  Remember the "Assigned Structures" button?  It's no more.  The polygon you create for a task boundary can now be used to select the GIS-based structures.  Here's a quick Task Editor Video Instruction.


Other changes include:

- Filtering forms for a task.  If you want a task to only access specific forms (i.e. CERT will only use Initial Damage Report forms), you can limit form types for any task. 
- New Task Editing as Preconfigured Tasks.  You can configure your teams and tasks before the incident so that your planning efforts now live in the Crisis Track software.
- Bulk Editing. You can now select a group of entries and move them to another task.
- Task Editing Overlays.  All of the layers and tools in the Ops View map are now available in the Task Editing map; you can overlay GIS layers, use range and heatmap tools, and see all existing entries to better plan out your next task.

Please try out the new functionality and give us feedback. As always, if you have any questions or need additional help, please contact us at support@crisistrack.com

John Maylie
Crisis Track


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