08.29.2016 Release Notes (New Ops View)

We’ve just updated the Ops View for your account to help you better organize and analyze data collected by multiple teams. 


Now, there are 3 separate ways to organize the layers of your legend:  by Teams, by Tasks, or by Forms.  Selecting one of these legend types will reorganize your data into layers to help you track your operations.

We’ve also added a few more tools in the legend to help you analyze the results of the data being collected.  Here are some of the new tools:

Annotations – The Annotations tool will allow you to draw points, lines, polygons, and text onto the Ops View Map.
Address Search – The Address Search tool will find an address using a common geocoding service.  
Structures Search – The Structures Search tool will find a structure location using your jurisdiction’s local GIS data. 
Range Rings – The Range Rings tool will allow you to draw concentric circles on the Ops View map.
Point Density Heatmap - The Point Density Heatmap tool will create a surface representation of your data. This analysis is a good equal-weighted heatmap.
Kernel Density Heatmap - The Kernel Density Heatmap tool will also create a surface representation of your data. This analysis is good for identifying closely clustered point data. 
Graduated Symbols – The Graduated Symbols tool uses a clustering algorithm to make a different sized circle depending on the number of data points in its close proximity.
Quadrats – The Quadrats tool will split data up into a grid and symbolize by the count in the grid

We believe that these new changes will improve the way you view and analyze the data you collect.  Now, when you get dozens of Initial Damage Reports, you can quickly create a Kernel Density Heat Map to finder where you should send your damage assessment teams first.

All of the functionality is updated in the latest version of the SOP.  As always, if you have any questions, problems, or ideas, please let us know at support@crisistrack.com

Best regards,


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