06.13.2016 Release Notes (Mobile Updates)

Crisis Track has just released new versions of its mobile applications.  Using your feedback, we’ve enhanced its capability to give an overall picture of the incident from the field as well as expand the number of platforms it will run on.  Here is what’s in Version 2.4:

  1. Windows 10.  Yup, that’s right.  Crisis Track now has a Windows 10 app.  A Windows 10 Universal App will soon be available on the Windows Store with the exact same functionality as the iOS and Android Crisis Track apps.  It's currently making its way through the Windows approval processes.  I'll send you all an update with a link when it hits the store.
  2. Incident Map on the Mobile device.  There is a new Incident Map available on the mobile devices.  Now field teams can see the complete incident map instead of just their task maps.  Look for map button on the Select Team page.
  3. Field Stats.  We added a Field Stats page to the mobile device to help field team leaders quickly see their counts to report back to the EOC.  This helps for quicker reporting when Internet connectivity is not available.  Look for the Stats Button on the List of Assignments page.


  1. Sort by Street Name (or anything else).  For those teams wanting to see a list of addresses to visit, we now give you a way to sort the list by address as well as Name, Proximity, or Last Edited.  Click on the Filter button on the List of Assignments page to see the new sorting capability. 
  2. Create a New Team.  You can now create a new Team and new Task from the mobile device.  This is especially useful for capturing early data such as those initial damage reports when the operation plan is not set up yet.  Just create a new team and new task from the field and Crisis Track will keep track of the time spent and information collected. 

We’ve fixed a few other issues such as filtering equipment and employee lists, disconnected issues with Android, switching forms, and limiting the Viewer roles – all of which should provide you with a better field experience. 

As we enter this hurricane season, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@crisistrack.com for any issues you may have. 

Also, if you would like Refresher Training, please contact Marla at marlaszczepaniec@crisistrack.com to discuss onsite or webcast training options.

Keep safe,


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