03.15.2016 Release Notes (Initial Damage Reports)

There’s been some confusion in the EM community about the various differences and definitions of damage assessment.  Some communities use windshield surveys and online forms to conduct damage assessments.  Other communities use volunteers and first responders to help canvass an area affected by an incident.

To help better capture damage information from different sources immediately after an incident, Crisis Track introduces Initial Damage Reports, a reporting mechanism in your existing Crisis Track account to quickly identify locations of damaged infrastructure.  Initial Damage Reports do not yet identify costs or other FEMA related information.  

From the onset of the incident, Crisis Track can now collect initial damage reports from the Crisis Track Mobile Application and from a new Crisis Track Online Form template.  We have loaded a new Initial Damage Report form type to your account for new incidents.  You can use this form to assign initial reporting teams of first responders and volunteer organizations such as CERT.


We also can help you implement a web link or embedded form that the public can use to report initial damage reports.  This form can be customized for your community.

Take a look at a sample:  https://www.crisistrack.com/public/demo/citizenRequest.html.

Crisis Track will map initial damage reports in real time to provide you with a basis for delineating the extent of the damaged area and help plan where to send your damage assessment teams.

To implement the web page form for your community takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Review the sample form for any changes your would like to make
  2. Contact us at support@crisistrack.com to request a configured web page.  We'll then provide you with a custom web page.
  3. Use the links we provide to either embed the form on one of your existing web pages or hyperlink to the form

This service is part of your existing Crisis Track subscription; no added costs will be charged.

We look forward in continuing to serve you in your disaster management needs.  Should you have any questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,


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